Empires of Emerald

Week 1

What an odd bunch of people I am with right now. I wonder if this is because I am human and don’t understand all of their homophobe driven dialogue and desire to drink yourself silly or murder everything that moves.

We met Joe the blacksmith whom requested our assistance. His daughter has gone missing and the local guards were not helpful. I spoke with the captain and he seemed to know more then what he was telling me about the things happening in the area. On the plus side he didn’t mind paying for help with a local bandit issue. During the escapade of the night involving the drunk dwarf(Barstool) dressed up as a little girl for bait(mental shudder) we have apprehended 1 bandit. We tied him up and left him at the drop off point for the captain. Woohoo

Leaving town to follow a trail of the would be kidnapper’s we notice a dragon off the horizon and I felt some kind of odd twinge or link towards it. Something to think about and pursue later. We have some goblin like kidnappers to exact retribution.

A couple days into our journey, thank goodness for the smith’s hunting skills and knowledge of the area, we come across some weird wooden woman. A first we thought she was attacking and realized she was harmless and wanted some help. She kept going after Barstool, who kept peeing himself and yelling something about the trees having eyes. We eventually were able to help her and she was then able to make it back home on her own.

Nearing our destination we stumble across an ancient set of stones. Which I recall them being a type of doorway. I always had a knack for just knowing about things magical in nature. ok… almost always. Based on the design one of the kidnappers amulets should fit and be the key. The odd Elf(Lasher) would not just give me his amulet but thought I should steal it from his neck….weird elf. Joe just threw me the one he had and I popped it into place. Barstool proceeds to scream something about rocks turning against him and it being the trees fault as the doorway opened up from inside the rock itself.

Nothing ventured…nothing gained let’s see where this goes and I walk right through the doorway as they discuss about what to do. Quickest way to find out where it goes…...

Our adventures will continue next week.



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