Empires of Emerald

The Adventure Begins

After traveling for a few years from place to place avoiding towns, it has become apparent my magical powers need training. I think I may be a bigger risk and not finding any assistance in out of the way villages. It is time to look into a larger town and find someone that may be able to help me. Besides earning some coin to help make ends meet. How am I going to build up a decent trove if I don’t find some work or adventure?

Wandering into a large city I spot a flier in the seedier part of town. Looking for some assistance and the requirements are minimal. I might as well go check this out. What’s the worst that can happen? (Maybe this should have warned me)

The town gets dingier as I proceed to the Inn. A body comes flying out of the door as it is being propelled by a foul mouthed dwarf. Wonder what he did to provoke him? hhmmmm Waiting until the doorway clears I proceed to the aforementioned spot in the tavern. Sitting at the table I see an dingy looking elf, but sit down to find out more about this job.

Turns out the drunk Dwarf(is there any other kind?) is a companion of the aforementioned Elf. Introducing myself the job offer sounds interesting and who wouldn’t want a little revenge payback on Orcs?



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