Empires of Emerald

Ell of an Ale

Ach, all the Humies are Daft as only Humies can be. “Oh lookie a shinny sword sitting out in the open, why I bet nothing bad would happen if I were to DASH OVER AND GRAB IT, it couldn’t possible be a TRAP.” Nipped that a little to late but well lets just say the sword came home to ol Bar Stool’s Satchel.

But O course that went and pissed something off and we got some monstrosity with a severe case O the undeads TELEPORTING in on us. Well then the daft humies are sitting there looking like they are about to go charging at a monster that obviously has got us beat before the fight begins, like me pa always said “If one blighter can teleport in on ya, then his buds can probably teleport in on ya to. And so son make sure you always ward the bathroom if ya got the runs.” Well long story short we decided to follow his polite request to follow em into his green glowing portal. Not that Green is a comfortable color for a Dwarf, Green things grow, and that t’ain’t natural. I was a lot happier jumping into the red portal, reminded me of the forge o my youth, but I digress.

We met the niceset chap a Mannorath fellow on ta other side, a conniseour, a gentlmeen, a brewer of Ale. Dark, thick, barley hops with just a hint of something devilishly good buried deep in there. Alot of talking latter Me and my man Mannorath came to an understanding, an establishment must be errected with some of the most beautiful non bearded wenches he could spare. Details are still a little H’azzy, I think I’m getting 60% of the profit but no way of tellin for sure with that infernal document he had me sign. There was some unimport things that the humies wanted, and o course the elf was like “oi give me some gold, I want to spend it on hair products.” The lad doesn’t have a lick of sense, I picked up a fine axe crafted and imbued, finally something to use to knock some sense in the casters ollow skull.

to be continued…



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