Empires of Emerald

Week 1 Continued

The cavernous area is hot and there is a weird glowing greenish light everywhere. We have enough light to see by, but all has a greenish tint.

Proceeding in the only direction allowed, the portal was no where to be seen behind us, we come across a very large metal door. This is obviously not an accident. There is a relief of an angel holding a large sword and eyes closed. The door is covered in some type of smudged blackness everywhere. Detecting magic there appears to be many types of transmutation magic on the door and it may be best to leave that alone for now. At least until we check out the path to either direction.

Going left we travel until we get to a chasm with the most god awful stench. Worse then when barstool sweating in armor and wetting himself. Come to think of it he is pretty ripe right now too, but nothing compared to the stench emanating from the pit. Looking down we can see two putrid blobby flesh-puss things undulating around. I think it is two. Turning around we head back to check the other passage. The right passage is short, dark and no signs of any traffic so we are not going the right way.

We turn around again and head back to the chasm. Barstool starts to complain more about the heat and he doesn’t look good at all. Lasher also seems to be having some issue, but I apparently don’t seem to be bothered at all by the heat. We watch more carefully as we progress and come across some writing on a small patch of wall before the chasm. Detecting magic it appears there is a small magical portion of the wall. Barstool reaches in and touches something and then we hear some noise off form the chasm area. Going to check a new stone bridge is now in place over the chasm. The others walk across easily and I think it must have been the stench, form the puss things not bartstool, that caused me to lose focus and pitch over the side. Luckily I was able to grab on and pull myself back on the bridge.

We hear some noise ahead and Lasher stealthily sticks his head around the corner to take a look. Shortly followed by an arrow narrowly missing him and embedding itself in the wall behind him. We quickly rush around the corner to confront the single target. Joe and Barsrtool rush the guy and I blast him with magic missles. The goblinoid shoots at barstool and misses. I shoot another magic missle and drop the thing before the others get there. Lasher seems to be playing with his instrument.

Once dispatched we notice glowing eyes in the corner and advance on them ready to pounce. Since they appear to cower and not threaten we do not attack. We find two slave kids that look in terrible shape. We proceed forward and come across an Imp. Barstool gets stung and looks horrible. I spray it with acid from my hands and it appears to not even notice. Lasher makes some noise and the Imp starts to cower and flee. Joe has been getting a lot of practice swinging. He just needs practice in connecting when he swings. Barstool dispatches this new threat.

We move back to rest as Barstool appears on the verge of collapsing and Lasher is not looking well either. Luckily I had some water with me and drinking has helped.

Once rested we are accosted by a changing of the guards. They were not expecting us and we dispatched them easily. Opening the door where we found the imp, the room is filled with statues. arranged in such a way to show a type of progression or hierarchy for the dammed. In the center is a marvelous looking sword with gold and gems. It must be mine for my new horde! I walk over and pick it up as I hear Barstool say something about dam don’t go picking it up.

Everything goes black and then we appear to be on a shadow planes and surrounded by spirits. Checking I still have the sword. Woohoo. As we prepare to face the unknown, barstool casts a spell and disappears. Followed closely by lasher. With the odds against me I drop the sword so i can cast a spell. Then suddenly I am back in the real world with the sword at my feet. There is also some type of branded symbol on my arm now too. Weird!

Barstool proceeds to wrap the sword up in a bedroll, before we proceed….



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